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Love to play with my children. I am either getting old or my children are getting faster. I am sure its they are getting faster..  So far life is great. I am proud of my son Chandler that is in the Army Airborne. He is with the 82 Airborne at Fort Bragg NC. Great to know he is where he wants to be and is also serving this great Country.

I am living in the Big Sky country. As a mater of a fact we do have electricity here in Montana, which means we have computers. I have heard of the DSL and Cable internet. Right meow we have AOL dial up. Hoping one day we will be able to see something faster.. 🙂 So for those who are thinking I would never go to Montana, well that is like Iceland and Greenland. 🙂

Ok I have lived in Montana for over half my life. I moved here way back in 1991. Yes that is a long time ago.

As I keep typing I keep think Life is great. I have a wonderful wife and 5 wonderful children (most of the time).

Some things I love to do is wood working and also making handmade jewelry. In November of 2015 I was able to do my first show. It was a craft show that was I was able to do. Its a exclusive show. Its at a hospital and only family members are able to be in the show. The really nice thing is I had a very nice comment on my jewelry from a lady who has been doing jewelry for a very long time. She had some great pieces that she had at the show (on the pricing of a big jewelry store). She had pieces in the thousand range. Wow I want to be like that one day. This will be  a goal that I have.

I am not sure what else to add. Ask me and I will tell you


Thanks Stan



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