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Day 3

2015-03-07 17.12.25.jpg2015-03-07 17.12.27.jpg2015-03-07 20.18.05.jpg2015-03-07 20.18.12.jpgOK we are into day three of Colette being gone. The funeral is today, after its over they will start the long drive back to Billings. I think everyone is missing mom. We have been able to facetime her each night. Now its keeping the bedroom secret. Shhh don’t let it slip to mom.

OK I was hoping to have my air compressor, chop saw, and pin nailer back from Chandler. Well that didn’t work out very well. I was also wanting him to help for a while. That didn’t work out either. So I went to the shop to barrow a chop saw and a few other tools.

I had great help those few days. The little one worked so hard he fell asleep in the kitchen..


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Day 2

So yesterday my wife took off to California for a funeral. I’m home taking care of the children. Wow she has a lot of patients. My wife is great, she is able to juggle taking children to school, watching other children, and everything else. So far I was able to get the children off to school. That was very stressful. Home now relaxing and hopping Benton will fall asleep soon. I’ll be back a little later…

Ok I got my flooring for the bedroom. So its time to rip out the carpet that is my room.  So it went fine on removing the carpet. The real test is tomorrow when I start on the actual laying the floor.