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From a Boy to a Army Man

Chandler at the age of 6 with our Chow Chow..


Chandler leaving on a airplane to Fort Benning, and Chandler at graduation ceremonies (Pinning of the Blue cords). Chandler and his trainer Duvall the guy Chandler hated, but when its all done Duvall did his job. Chandler is happy at Fort Bragg. I’m thankful for Duvall for his dedication for putting up with the young recruits. Chandler also saw past the yelling and had Duvall pin the blue cords on him (respect).

Thank you again….




Hi I'm Olof and I like warm hugs. Ooh wait, as you can see I have children. I do, I have one that is going to graduate this spring, then a fourth grader, a third grader, a kindergartner, and one that hangs out with mom (19,11,9,7,and 3). Boy how things change in our lives. Son has graduated and is serving the county. He proudly serves in the 82nd Army Airborne Fort Bragg NC. A big huge thanks to him...

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